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International Equestrian Federation Constitutional Task Force


For the better part of a decade, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) has been gamely attempting to modernise its constitution, to create a more democratic, more agile, and more genuinely international organisation. Some of those efforts have succeeded; most have come to grief. Rather than retreat from renewal, the FEI created a Constitutional Task Force made up entirely of representatives from National Federations to press reform forward.

As part of our commitment to upholding transparency and public accountability, we have asked the FEI to create a page at their official site with the Task Force's documents. While they are building that page, I have posted our major documents below, which together trace the substance of previous efforts at FEI reform, outline the mandate and composition of the Task Force, describe how we set about consulting with National Federations, and provides our final report and subsequent presentation.




International Equestrian Federation
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Task Force Members

The members of the FEI Constitutional Task Force are drawn from national equestrian federations from each region of the globe.

César Camargo Serrano
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» Federación Ecuestre de Colombia

Paul Cargill
» Contact
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» Equestrian Australia

Kim Guého
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» Mauritian Equestrian Sports Federation

Ulf Helgstrand
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» Dansk Ride Forbund

Akaash Maharaj
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» Equine Canada



FEI Jumping

FEI Jumping
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Critical Documents

The Task Force was created, empowered, and officially deployed through the following instruments. These documents define its means, ends, and essential standards of accountability to the global equestrian community.

» Formal Commission
01 April 2011
Document calling the Task Force into being

» FEI Advisory
13 April 2011
Formal gazetting of the Task Force membership

Initial Communiqué
»Arabic »Chinese »English »French »German »Russian »Spanish
19 April 2011
Task Force's letter of introduction to national federations

» Online Initiative
26 April 2011
Using internet media to engage national federations

» Horse Sport International article
28 April 2011
Overview of the Task Force genesis and objectives, written for the general equestrian community



FEI Vaulting

FEI Vaulting
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Background Files

These files chronicle the most recent efforts to modernise the FEI governance architecture, leading to the current constitution.

» FEI Statutes and Regulations
01 January 2011
The existing constitution

» 2011 Lausanne Proposals (Final)
Minor housekeeping, establishment of a Solidarity Committee
Pending the May 2011 Extraordinary General Assembly

» 2011 Lausanne Proposals (Initial)
To create a smaller, regionally representative board

» 2009 Copenhagen Proposals
To create a board elected by individual skills rather than region of origin

» 2005 Düsseldorf Proposals
To disentangle governance from operations
Some sections adopted, others defeated



FEI Dressage

FEI Dresage
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To canvass the views of the world-wide equestrian community, the Task Force held telephone interviews with and circulated questionnaires to National Federations, conducted group consultations at the continental equestrian fora, and directly interviewed Bureau members.

Consultative Documents
» Model for NF Questionnaires
» Model for Continental Presentations

06 May 2011 Global Forum
FEI Extraordinary General Assembly
Lausanne, Switzerland

17 September 2011 Asian Forum
Asian Equestrian Federation
Chengdu, China

24 September 2011 African Forum
FEI Group IX
Port Louis, Mauritius

29 September 2011 European Forum
European Equestrian Federation
London, United Kingdom

28 October 2011 Pan American Forum
Pan American Equestrian Confederation
Guadalajara, Mexico



FEI Reining

FEI Reining
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Task Force Findings

The Task Force presented its final report to the FEI Executive Board. The Board in turn determined what it wished to go forward to the National Federations. The Task Force then made the final presentation to the members of the FEI gathered for the 2011 General Assembly.

Our report is now with the FEI Executive Board, which is responsible for replying to the membership about which recommendations it accepts, and what steps it will take to implement them.

11 November 2011
» Report to the FEI Executive Board
Has been deemed confidential by the Board
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

13 November 2011
» PowerPoint Presentation to National Federations
Will be posted by FEI at FEI Family Web Site
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

13 November 2011
» FEI Advisory
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



FEI Combined Driving

FEI Combined Driving
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Social Media

The FEI has recently begun to use social media to enable it to communicate with its members on a range of its activities, which sometimes included the work of the Task Force.

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» Twitter

» Public Web site
» NF Intraweb

Privacy Policy

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