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I should like to say that my projects frame a bodice-ripping tale of envy and malice in the corridors of power, of seduction and betrayal in the high offices of state. The reality is somewhat more prosaic.

I was raised in the belief that each of us is nothing if not a living memorial to the men and women who came before us. If we are to be deserving heirs to their sacrifice and worthy stewards to the generations to come, we have a duty to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Through my projects, I have made modest attempts to fulfill this duty.

I have listed my more significant ventures under the tabs above: my professional and voluntary work in international diplomacy; my public service in Canada's democratic process; and my personal diversions and recreational pursuits.

Ultimately, our actions speak far more eloquently than our words about our values and our worth. I hope that that these projects will both speak for, and give practical effect to, my ideals.



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