National Press Roundup
A summary of the press' assessment of my work in the public sphere


Corruption Declared a Crime Against Humanity
Reuters describes the efforts by my GOPAC colleagues and me at the United Nations Covention Against Corruption to bring the worst crimes of political corruption to justice.
"There are some forms of corruption so grave, whose effects on human life, human rights, and human welfare are so catastrophic, that they should shock the conscience of the international community and mobilise the will of nations to act across borders."


The Globe and Mail
He Lives by the Sword
A national feature article about me representing Canada at the equestrian skill-at-arms world championships in Oman, as captain of UNICEF Team Canada.
"If you're reeling off the names of Canada's sporting pantheon, Wayne Gretzky, Rocket Richard, and Barbara Ann Scott may spring from your lips. But what about Toronto's Akaash Maharaj, national tent-pegging champion... He's bright, fluently bilingual...with an up-by-the-bootstraps story that parallels U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's."


The National Post
Martin was Warned
The National Post publishes and reports on an early letter it obtained via a third party from to Paul Martin from me on the Sponsorship Programme.
" 'I believe he is a person of integrity,' [Akaash] said of Mr. Martin. 'What I will say, though, is that I am certain there is more to come out, because the essence of democracy is public accountability. Heads must roll over this affair, and they must roll at the highest level.' "


The Ottawa Citizen
Crossing Canada's Racial Divide
The capital's daily examines the significance of my campaign for President.
"The election next month of Akaash Maharaj would be a historic breakthrough in Canadian politics...but is the Liberal Party establishment ready for a president whose vision of the country is 'more Main Street than Bay Street'?"


The Hill Times
Q & A With Akaash Maharaj
The capital's political weekly interviews me on my vision for the Liberal Party
"The beauty of democracy is that if the many say no, the few cannot possibly say yes. As party president, one of my duties will not simply be to give voice to the wishes of the party but to help the party rediscover its courage."


The National Post
The Determined Mr. Maharaj
An examination of my contribution to the debate of ideas in the Liberal Party
"[Akaash] the old Oxford debater has become arguably the best public speaker in Liberal ranks…He's amazingly articulate"


The Whitehorse Star
Maharaj Committed to Liberal Accountability
An analysis of my trip to the Yukon, as I organise the northern Policy and Leadership Debate Forum
"Political involvement is the price we must all stand prepared to pay if we are to avoid being tyrannized over by fools."


The National Post
Practical Ideals
The National Post reviews my presidential campaign
"He seems too good to be true, but he really is that good."


The Toronto Star
An Exercise in Ratifying the Will of the Leader
A look at my work as the Liberal National Policy Chair
"[Akaash] is eloquent and attractive, with a commitment to advancing the public good...this is a young man with a future."


The Halifax Chronicle-Herald
Grit policy boss seeks views on party's direction
A review of my August campaign tour of Nova Scotia
"Democracy can be more than a way of choosing governments; it can be a way of governing ourselves."


Desi News
The Sky is the Limit
A look at my contributions to the public interest
"Will this man be the next President of the Liberal Party?"


The Charlottetown Guardian
Contender for Liberal presidency sees importance of future policies
A report on my tour of Prince Edward Island
"Democracy at its best is noisy, unkempt, and vigorous...Canadians should take comfort [in the fact] that it cannot be controlled by any one person."


The Toronto Star
A Canuck at Oxford Stars Parkdale Student
Written some years ago, the article announced my victory in becoming the first non-British President of the Oxford University Student Union
"The person who controls Oxford today, controls Britain tomorrow"

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