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Liberal Democracy

I have always believed passionately in the ideal of Canada as a just, pluralistic, and meritocratic society.

If we are to achieve this, I feel that all of us as citizens must try to exercise responsibility over the course of national affairs, and share in the authorship of the social contract that binds us together and defines us as a nation. Democracy should be more than just a manner of choosing governments; it should be a manner of governing ourselves. It is up to us.


The Agenda with Steve Paikin My Televised Essays
I presented a monthly personal essay on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVOntario's flagship current affairs programme. My subject matter wanders as much as my attention, but always centres on the public good, from a progressive perspective.

Publications My Articles in the National Press
My political articles in the national press are part of my efforts to engage the broader public, to make a contribution to the national conversation, and to occasionally reach past the power of the few to appeal to the wisdom of the many.

Addressing the United Nations My Address to the United Nations
One of the most ancient aspirations of liberal democracy is to create a world where laws that bind the weak and the powerless no less bind the great and the powerful. This was the essence of my address in the United Nations General Assembly Chamber, where I spoke on behalf of GOPAC's worldwide alliance of parliamentarians.

#EquinePublicPolicy University of Guelph Equine Public Policy Group
The University of Guelph is the one institution with the standing necessary to call together Canada’s often-fractious horse community, to forge a consensus on our shared priorities and to help us achieve together what none of us can achieve apart.

Margaret Thatcher's Verdict on the Liberal Party My Conversation with Margaret Thatcher
In my early days in partisan politics, I had a chance to compare personal political philosophies with Margaret Thatcher. Our conversation began with a chill in the air; it ended with our host mopping his brow.

  To collaborate in any of my projects to advance the cause of liberal democracy, please drop me a note through my Volunteers page.

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My address in the UN General Assembly Chamber

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My testimony on regulation of social media.

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