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If my projects in professional, political, and voluntary activities seem pathologically earnest, I hope I may redeem myself with an overview of some of my pastimes. The links give in-depth information about each pursuit.


Tent Pegging Tent Pegging with UNICEF Team Canada
Equestrian skill-at-arms is perhaps the most outlandish sport imaginable, chivalry’s last gasp in the modern world. Not content to risk life and limb on only a single continent, I captained Canada’s national team at the sport’s International Championships.

Cavalry Governor General’s Horse Guards
My service with the Horse Guards Cavalry Squadron has been something of a romp through ceremony, terrifying innocent horses with sword and lance in an effort to help perpetuate the Canadian Forces’ equestrian traditions.

Social Audio Live Audio on Social Media
I occasionally host live-audio online conversations on Reddit Talk and Twitter Spaces. My discussions at Reddit are usually on Equestrianism, while my discussions at Twitter tend to be on issues of international affairs, peace, and pluralism.

Piano Piano
I enjoy learning the piano a great deal, despite the experience being an object lesson in humility. I am currently tickling the ivories towards my first set of tests with the Royal Schools of Music exam board.

MGB My 1979 MGB Roadster
I likely spend more time under my MG trying to keep it from giving up the ghost, than I spend in it driving. Still, on those rare summer days when the sun is shining and the engine is running, the long hours of grease-coated labour prove their worth.

Jumblie Jumblie (Jumblie Far and Few)
Within moments of gathering-up Jumblie in my arms, I realised that any resistance to his wagging charms would be futile. Dalmatians were originally bred to work with horses, and I suspect that Jumblie, Chance, Bello, and I are destined to frolic our way into road trials together.

Perchance to Dream Chance (Perchance to Dream) and Bello (Rex Bellorum)
With a Thoroughbred’s lust for speed and a warhorse’s thirst for slaughter, my horse Chance seems to have been expressly created for the sport of tent pegging. Bello, my Warlander, is just beginning to come into his genetic inheritance as a Baroque war horse. Together, the three of us live out the creed that life is best greeted with reckless abandon.

Miaowser Miaowser (Miaow in Tooth and Claw) and Floof (Regius Professor of Floofology)
Miaowser was an abandoned kitten, whom I found plaintively miaowing for rescue (hence the name) in the rain. She has since grown into a nimble terror, who delights in trying to invite Sarah’s parrot Cody to lunch. She has begrudgingly accepted the arrival of Floof, an orange tabby kitten, whose energy she finds a trial by ordeal.

The Tilt Yard The Tilt Yard Menagerie
It took little time for my farm to become the abode of all manner of whinnying, braying, meowing, barking, chirping, and sighing creatures. The Tilt Yard is now home to eight horses, one pony, one donkey, five cats, one dog, one parrot, and their two febrile humans.

  To join me in any of my leisure projects, please drop me a note through my Volunteers page.

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