Corruption Declared a Crime Against Humanity
On my efforts through the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption to bring to justice those guilty of the most serious forms of political corruption across the world.


The Globe and Mail

Eric Lamaze and the Death of Hickstead
The death of Hickstead, the Canadian Equestrian Team's Olympic gold medallist stallion, has left a great void in the life of his rider and the future of our team.


The Montreal Gazette

Liberal insiders say party needs reflection
I argue that the leader of the day has rarely been either the problem or the solution to what has ailed the Liberal Party of Canada, and that if it is to recover from the 2011 defeat, the Party must undertake root and branch reform.


National Post

Layton tasked with turning unseasoned caucus into Opposition
"Now, [Jack Layton] has more ability to shape the public agenda, and for the first time he will have to say 'no', a word that has not been in the NDP lexicon in the past."



Liberal post-mortem begins in wake of record defeat
"The challenge for the Liberal Party is to rebuild its core group of activists, the kinds of people who toil in obscurity in un-glamorous roles but who are the backbone of every political party," says Akaash Maharaj.


Global News

NDP Campaign Platform Analysis
Can Layton realistically deliver on all of his five key areas during his first 100 days? "Not unless the laws of time, space, and mathematics change during that period," says Akaash Maharaj.


The Globe and Mail

Canada is Tent Pegging Champion
"Former Liberal Newfoundland premier Brian Tobin was sending around an e-mail last week extolling the truly remarkable achievement of Akaash Maharaj..."


The Toronto Star

Tuning Out Tory's Gospel
"From a purely tactical perspective the worst fate that can befall any politician, much like any general in a war, is to be forced to fight a battle of your enemy's choosing. Tory has done precisely that. He has unwittingly led this campaign to a battleground of the Liberal Party's choosing."


The Washington Observer

North American Conservatism
I discuss the contrast between the Canadian and American strains of conservatism, in an interview with Washington's Chinese-language public affairs magazine.


The Toronto Star

Political Geek Chic
Has the reign of the earnest over the glib returned to Canadian politics?


Le Devoir du Montréal

Dissidence chez le libéraux
"M. Maharaj explique qu'il devait prendre la parole parce que 'le parti doit être la conscience du gouvernement, pas une aile du gouvernement'."


The Toronto Sun

Banning Guns in Space
"Akaash Maharaj offered up a less sinister explanation," for the leak of the 2006 Liberal Party Platform.


The Toronto Sun

Grits Go With the Status Quo
"Maharaj is considered by many as one of the most articulate political activists in the country."

Montreal Gazette
Tough rhetoric from presidential race
"Maharaj speaks with an eloquence the Liberal Party hasn't heard since Pierre Trudeau's day."


CBC Online

Politics, pop culture collide at Liberal convention
Bringing out the Bono in Liberal politics

The Globe and Mail
Martin has president in mind
"Any person who wields a leadership candidate's name in aid of a presidential candidate is doing a disservice both to their leadership candidate and to the party."


The Hill Times

Maharaj wants to empower grit party members
"The greatest disservice a party president can do to a party leader is to tell that leader merely what he wants to hear rather than what he needs to know."

The National Post
Liberals to make review of leader more difficult
I explain proposed changes to the twin leadership review process.


Maclean's Magazine

A Real Race for the Top Job
"Martin has spoken at length about his belief that the Liberal apparatus should be separate and independent from government."

Winnipeg Free Press
Campaign Ripples will Hang Around
"Most of the notable federal Liberals in Manitoba have thrown their support behind Maharaj, chairman of the party's policy committee."


The Globe and Mail
Paul Martin's Transition Team
Speculations on potential transition dynamics following the November leadership convention

The Hill Times
Membership Forms Still a Hot Issue
"To be a democrat is to accept the will of many, and one cannot wish to lead a party while discounting the decisions of its members."


The Charlottetown Guardian

PEI Hosts National Liberal Leadership Debate
I organise the national Policy and Leadership Forum in Atlantic Canada.

The Ottawa Sun
MP Eyes Grit Presidency
A member of caucus discusses entering the Party's presidential race.


The National Post
Liberals ask Chrétien to delay financing Bill
"It is my conviction that it is more important that we do this well, than that we do this quickly."

Winnipeg Free Press
Showing their True Grit
"My hope is that these debates will recast the leadership race [as being] more about competing visions of the national interest, rather than organisational prowess."


Victoria Times Colonist
Leadership Debate Flashpoint
On my work creating a consensus amongst the three camps over the leadership debates.

The Hill Times
A tale of two conventions
I explain the leadership debate and policy development exercise I am orchestrating.


The Hill Times
Patry won't run for party's presidency
Three declared candidates remain in the Liberal Party presidential race.

The Hill Times
Martin's company CSL
I am questioned on Paul Martin's ethical course of action over ownership of Canada Steam Ship Lines.

Portuguese Sun
Allan Rock is out of the race
A Portuguese report on my analysis of Allan Rock's decision.


The Globe & Mail
Rock pulls out of leadership race
I speak on Allan Rock's decision not to seek the Party leadership.
"He would have championed a progressive and activist vision of government."

The Calgary Sun
Jean Chrétien's Departure
On developments in the parliamentary Party, flowing out of the Prime Minister's retirement schedule.


The Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Canada must bolster military to keep peace
An account of my address at the University of Saskatchewan, on my work on international peace and conflict resolution.


The Hill Times
How much money is enough in Grit leadership race?
An analysis of leadership campaign expenditure
The expenditure limit "must be high enough to ensure that every candidate is able to run a vigorous campaign that engages the entire country, but I would not want to see the limit placed so high that that gives candidates an advantage based on finances as opposed to merit."


Ottawa Citizen
Ban business donations, PM urged
A review of the New Liberalism Conference, at which Akaash spoke on civic engagement
"The party has become complicit in its own emasculation."


Canadian Press
Senior Liberals reject idea of coronation
I insist that a competitive leadership race is in everyone's interest
"Changing leaders should offer the party an opportunity to renew itself."


The Hill Times

Top Grit questions authority of Liberal Party's national executive
I caution the Party against the perils of taking liberty with constitutionally mandated terms in office.
"If we expect people to accept the legitimacy of [our] decisions, it is vital that the national executive be perceived as being legitimate."


Halifax Daily News
Liberal policy exec looks to Atlantic Grits for advice
A report on my August tour of Nova Scotia.
"Maharaj, 32, is here helping the party hammer our a schedule for approving a new executive, new party policies and ultimately a new prime minister."


The Toronto Star
Poll Results Slow Martin Rivals
I argue that the Liberal Party must respect its own democratic norms.
"For the Liberal party itself to fall short of standards we expect of foreign dictatorships would be to bring ourselves, our party, and our government into public disrepute."


The Hill Times
Grit Leadership Race Poses No Threat to Party Debt
I speak on the issue of the Liberal Party debt.
"It is the most stunning rebuke that the party has not been able to bring to bear the financial discipline in our own internal affairs [of which it has boasted in government]."

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