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Has Multiculturalism Succeeded or Failed in Canada?
07 December 2021, 20h30 EST (UTC-5)

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Institute for Peace & Diplomacy Panel
Click image to see the video

Canada is marking our 50th anniversary as the first state to make multiculturalism national policy.

Has our society embraced or outgrown it? Have global affairs vindicated or discredited it? Does the Canadian government treat our multicultural society as a foreign policy asset, a domestic liability, or a political sop?

I enjoyed sifting the evidence at a panel discussion hosted by the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy panel, and moderated by Zachary Paikin.

My fellow panellists were: Stephen Marche, author of The Next Civil War; Karen Mock, President of JSpaceCanada; Teresa Woo-Paw, Chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

The video above is a clip of one of my contributions to the discussion. The full video of the entire event is at my YouTube channel.


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