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Most of my blog articles meander from subject to subject as my mind wanders. However, despite myself, I have sometimes had occasion to play a role in events of consequence, or at least of lurid eccentricity. During those periods, I have employed my blog to record a narrative of my experiences. I have grouped those serials, which are some of my favourite articles, at the links below.


The Agenda Insight Insight Broadcasts on TVOntario's The Agenda
My monthly broadcast essays on TVOntario's The Agenda with Steve Paikin range over public policy, political philosophy, and international affairs, and have elicited some of the most spirited reponses to my writings.

2008 FEI International Championships 2008 FEI International Tent Pegging Championships
Undaunted by the near-calamities of the previous year, I again represented Canada at world equestrian skill-at-arms championships, held this year in the middle of a conflict zone in India. Ever-surrounded by a halo of machinegun-wielding guards, my teammates and I defied all rational expectations at the medal podium.

2007 FEI International Championships 2007 FEI International Tent Pegging Championships
In 2007, I represented Canada at the world equestrian skill-at-arms championships in the Sultanate of Oman. My blog articles describe my misadventures in the Gulf State with Shomool, a warhorse out of the Sultan's stables, bred for bloodlust and battle frenzy.

Liberal Leadership Convention Federal Liberal Leadership Election
The 2006 Liberal leadership race was undoubtedly the most exciting and uncertain election in the Party's long and storied history. My blog articles cover my involvement in the campaign, from my initial endorsement of Stéphane Dion in Toronto to the nail-biting results in Montréal.

United Nations University Talks UNU-ILI Talks on Democracy in the Middle East
Convened by the UN's International Leadership Institute, the UNU-ILI talks sought to expand democracy in the Middle East by working with MPs from across the region. My blog articles provide a view from the table of this remarkable coming together of minds and perspectives.

Maclean's 50 The Maclean's 50
Maclean's magazine describes the Maclean's 50 as, "A diverse field of Canada's most well known and respected personalities, from journalists to politicians, offering their comments on the issues of the day, everyday." As a member of the group, I write companion commentaries to articles at the magazine's web site, which we hope reflect and stimulate Canada's national conversation.

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