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Century Initiative Twitterviews: Inclusivity and Immigration
23 October 2020, 14h00 EDT (UTC-4)

My replies to the Twitterview questions
Click image to see the video

The Century Initiative asked me to be a guest on its #CITwitterviews, on the impact of immigration on Canada’s economy, society, and national identity.

The organisation is a non-partisan network of citizens who believe that a growing population will augment our country’s domestic prosperity and international influence. It foresees a Canada of 100 million people by the twenty-second century.

The Century Initiative put a series of questions to me about the perceptions and realties of immigration, and asked me to respond though concise video clips, which it then posted to its Twitter feed for public comment.

I have consolidated my replies in the video above. The open discussion thread is at Twitter.

This is a notoriously contentious subject for social media. I hope my universally reasonable (!) friends and colleagues will join the discussion and contribute their views.


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