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Twitter Spaces Live Audio

Twitter Spaces is an interactive live-audio facility, operating on the Twitter platform. A typical Twitter Space includes a panel of speakers, discussing a given subject, with an audience of listeners who can raise a digital hand to ask questions and offer their thoughts. Follow the steps below to join my Twitter Spaces.



Step 1 Create a Twitter Account
You need a Twitter account to participate in Twitter Spaces. Without a Twitter account, you can only listen to a Twitter Space, and not speak or otherwise interact with the panellists.

Step 2 Download and Use Twitter’s Mobile App
Twitter Spaces are built for Twitter's mobile apps: for iPhone and for Android. Although you can listen to a Twitter Space through a laptop or web browser, you can only actively participate in the Space through a Twitter mobile app.

Step 3 Follow my Twitter Account @AkaashMaharaj
Follow my Twitter account @AkaashMaharaj to receive a notification in your mobile Twitter app when I am hosting or contributing to a Twitter Space.

Step 4 Join my Twitter Space
I do not currently have a scheduled Twitter Space. When I do, I will post a link here. If you click the link before the Space starts, it will enable your Twitter mobile app to notify you when my Twitter Space goes live. If you click the link while the Twitter Space is underway, it will take you to the conversation. If you click the link after the Space is over, it will take you to a recording of the discussion.



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