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November 2006 Blog Archive

My archived blog articles for November 2006 are below. You can also click the respective links for my current blog articles, my featured blog articles, and my complete blog archives.

The Prime Minister Canada Deserves
27 November 2006, 02h13 EST (GMT-5)

Well, it has been some time since I last wrote a blog entry! Fortunately, the world appears to have muddled through without the benefit of my mutterings and musings...

I have, however, been inspired to return to my keyboard because of the Liberal leadership convention, to be held in Montréal later this week. I will be blogging nightly from what will doubtlssly be one of the most uncertain, and therefore one of the most exciting conventions in Liberal Party history.

First and foremost, however, I should like to declare my support for Stéphane Dion. As my most recent letter to the Liberal Party membership makes clear, there has never been any real doubt in my mind.

In my view, in a field admirably crowded with talent, Stéphane stands head and shoulders above the rest.


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