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The Hon John Manley's Withdrawal from the Liberal Leadership Race

Akaash Maharaj paid tribute to John Manley, after the Deputy Prime Minister's announcement that he would withdraw from the race to succeed Jean Chrétien as Liberal Party Leader


Toronto - Tuesday 22 July 2003


"John Manley has made a tremendous contribution to the debate of ideas during the course of the leadership campaign. Irrespective of whom they support in the leadership race, all Liberals regret his withdrawal from the race.

"Throughout his tenure as Deputy Prime Minister, as a member of Cabinet, and as an MP, John has shown himself to be a person of conviction and principle, and has evinced a degree of candour that is too rare in modern politics. He conducted his campaign with those same virtues, and never shied away from speaking his mind or taking a stand, even when he knew that his honesty would invite controversy. In withdrawing from the race, he has been equally frank in stating his reasons, and he has shown an admirable desire to place the interests of his supporters ahead of his own ambitions.

"As the Party's National Policy Chair and the organiser of the leadership debates, I can say without hesitation that John was the source of much of the race's vitality. I am certain that Liberals across Canada will join me in hoping that he will continue to play a vigorous role in the life of our Party.

"As a member of the Party's National Executive, I am committed to ensuring that irrespective of the number of candidates in the field, the leadership race will continue to offer Canadians a meaningful opportunity to shape the future of our government and our country."

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