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Campaign Web Site Launch —

Akaash Maharaj officially launches his campaign web site,


Montréal - Monday 24 February 2003


Akaash Maharaj officially launches his web site in his campaign for the Presidency of the Liberal Party of Canada this morning, at .

Netscape's Open Directory Project, whose 55 000 editors make it the web's largest and most comprehensive human-edited directory, has already judged that, " is unquestionably the Internet's best site related to the Liberal Party… and [it] gives the multi-million dollar US Democratic and Republican sites a run for their money. Fully bilingual, creative layout, attractive graphics, unobtrusive video clips, intelligent and politically courageous content… One of the best political sites anywhere."

At a reception in Montréal, Maharaj said, "My hope for my web site mirrors the broader philosophy that drives my campaign. In an era of instantaneous communications, the Liberal Party can and therefore must build bridges of ideas and ideals, transcending distance and region, rallying together ordinary people of conscience and principle to advance the public good.

"I am very proud of my campaign's talented and energetic web strategy team, and humbled by the confidence and support they displayed in me and in my platform, in giving form to my web site."

The project was led by Aziz Hurzook, Executive Director of Marasym Inc, Interface and graphic design was provided by Gord Davis of Davis Designs, Coding was performed by Derrick Shanahan, President & Technical Director of Albedo Effect Technology Solutions, All content at the site was written by Akaash Maharaj personally. Project members' biographies are listed at the annex to this advisory, and are also available at their respective web sites.

The web site address is Journalists may be especially interested in the site's Journalists' Centre, at .

For interviews, please contact:

David Zurawel
Akaash Maharaj Campaign
(416) 413 4743

Editors' Notes: Project Members' Biographies

Akaash Maharaj
President & CEO, Concordis
National Policy Chair, Liberal Party of Canada
Please see

* Aziz Hurzook
Executive Director, Marasym Inc •

Aziz Hurzook co-founded Marasym Inc in 2001, with a vision of providing the executives of public companies with intelligence upon which to make critical business decisions. Aziz led the concept, design, and development effort of Marasym's flagship product, Investor Focus. Previously, Aziz co founded the web application company Personus, which became one of Canada's pre eminent Internet development firms. Industry leaders such as Bill Gates, Louis Gerstner, and Time Magazine praised Personus' work. Aziz is a recipient of Maclean's Magazine's "Top 100 to Watch" (1999); Maclean's Top 40 Under 40 Award (1998); and BDC Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Award (1998).

* Gord Davis
Freelance Practitioner, Davis Designs •

Gord Davis specialises in interface design for today's digital media creating websites, for organisations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. He has 22 years of experience as a graphic designer and has worked on projects for a variety of clients including BMW, Kellogg's, and Bell Canada.

* Derrick Shanahan
President & Technical Director, Albedo Effect Technology Solutions •
Derrick Shanahan has vast experience designing, developing, and implementing cost-effective, value-adding web-based solutions for clients throughout Canada, the United States, and Australia. Derrick's success has been based on is his ability to combine his technical expertise with his business acumen to best architect "common sense" solutions for his clients. Currently, Derrick is the President & Technical Director of Albedo Effect Technology Solutions, a full-service e-business solutions provider, located in Toronto, Ontario.

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