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The Hon Allan Rock’s Decision Against Seeking the Liberal Party Leadership

Akaash Maharaj has released the following statement on Allan Rock’s decision against seeking the Liberal Party leadership:


Sault Ste Marie - Tuesday 14 January 2003


“Allan Rock’s tenure as a Cabinet Minister has always been characterised by his enthusiasm for the debate of ideas, and for his pursuit of what he believes to be right, rather than what pollsters have told us is expedient.

“He is one of the enlightened parliamentarians who have consistently looked to the judgement of history, rather than to that of the nightly news.

“Irrespective of whom they support in our Party’s succession process, I know that all Liberals will regret Allan’s decision not to seek the leadership at the November 2003 convention. He would have helped keep the leadership race centred on ideas and ideals; he would have raised the bar in the debate of public policy; and he would have championed a progressive and activist vision of government.

“As the Party’s National Policy Chair and a member of the National Executive, I am committed to ensuring that regardless of the number of leadership candidates who enter the fray, the leadership process will be structured in a manner that will require an open and substantive debate over competing visions of the public good.

“I am heartened that in making his decision, Allan has announced that he will remain in Cabinet and that he will contest the next election. The Liberal Party has owes him a debt of gratitude for all he has contributed to date, and for all he will certainly contribute in the future.”

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