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Recommended Date of the Liberal Party Leadership Convention

Akaash Maharaj has released the following statement about the recommended date of the Liberal Party leadership convention:


Toronto - Sunday 21 September 2002


"The Management Committee's recommendation that the Liberal Party hold our leadership convention between 04 November and 07 December 2003 represents the best possible compromise under highly compromised circumstances.

"I believe Liberals should remain concerned that liberties have been taken with our rules in the cancellation of a constitutionally mandated policy convention, and in the extra-constitutional doubling of the terms in office of executive officers. As a party founded upon the ideal that the rule of law must always triumph over the caprice of individuals, we have arrived at a grave pass in our history.

"It has always been my position that the Party must either proceed with our scheduled policy convention in 2003, or hold a leadership convention before the year is out. Cancellation of the policy convention is an inevitable consequence of a 2003 leadership convention.

"As National Policy Chair, I am committed to holding an alternative national grassroots policy development exercise in 2003, to replace the cancelled policy convention. Certainly, there are those who have argued that there are perils to bringing the membership together in debate during a leadership race. However, it is my conviction that we as a party can not call ourselves democrats and yet fear the voice of the people."

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