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Akaash Maharaj Announces Candidacy for Liberal Party Presidency

Akaash Maharaj currently National Policy Chair of the Liberal Party of Canada, today announced his candidacy for the party presidency.


Toronto - Wednesday 06 March 2002


“As President, I will stand against the illiberal impulse to equate dissent with disloyalty, and I will uphold the responsibility of every Party member to speak his or her mind, neither craving the favour nor fearing the wrath of the powerful,” said Maharaj. “Democracy should be more than a manner of choosing governments; it should be a way of governing ourselves.”

Professionally, Maharaj is CEO of Concordis, a Canadian not-for-profit for armed conflict resolution. Fluently bilingual, he took his MA at Oxford University, where he was the first non Briton President of the student government in the history of the eight hundred year–old university.

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